I was late. I do miss the TV series, how can I watch it? At a glance what pops out in the mind of most of us is “NETFLIX”. All my missed TV series, movies, award shows, etc are all in one place. Actually, this is a site which has been popular among us for a long period of time. This was founded in 1997, it has beaten the competitors and has been at the top. Actually is it only NETFLIX available for us to watch these? No, actually, there are many more sites where you can enjoy your favorites. So, among sites like NETFLIX today I’m going to tell you the 5 best alternative sites like NETFLIX which are available for us to watch our favorites. Accordingly, the best five are sonny crackle, amazon instant/ prime video, Tubi TV, Viewstar and Pluto TV. Let’s see more information regarding these.

Sony crackle

This is implemented by Sony. This is actually like a free version of Netflix. This has been rendering the service for 11 years. This is a subsidiary of Sony entertainment pictures. It consists of free movies, shows and crackle originals too. With the NETFLIX alternative, you are able to stream with a big selection of movies and TV shows which is actually amazing. All the updates of genres like drama, comedy, etc are found in crackle. The most viewed series on crackle was “Comedians in cars getting coffee”. Since it has a selection of fresh and classical content for your enjoyment while they are well organized you would love to use it. This is actually accessible in devices such as PC’s, MAC computers, android, IOS, etc devices.

Amazon instant / prime video

Actually, this is one of the worlds largest eCommerce platforms. For people to watch their favorites this consists of two options. They are instant video and prime video. For prime members, it’s free unless you have to pay for it. Actually, it’s a great deal if you are not a prime member since it costs only a few dollars per month. For prime members, you can browse free TV shows, fitness videos, amazon instant videos, etc. Else you have to buy or rent your favorites. Here they give us a 30-day free trial and you could have a choice whether you will buy it or not after using it.  The price of this is competitive to NETFLIX because the features are almost similar to Netflix. Actually, this is one of the best alternatives for Netflix.

Tubi TV

This is one of the best alternatives for Netflix. Here you can stream movies and videos for free cost. A number of Modern classic and cult favorite TV shows and movies are provided by this. So you are available with a selection of your favorites. There is an addition if you would love prime videos. Since this is linked with studios like paramount, lions gate, etc you can enjoy 40000+ titles for free. This is legal and free and a safe site. You need to make an account and you will be able to access these features. This was started in 2014 and due to linking, this has been growing up rapidly. This is the best alternative to Netflix.


If you want to watch free TV series and movies just go to view star. Here you need not make any account in order to watch the content on the site. It’s actually something of an interesting facility you get in here. Just you do have to search and click your favourite and it’s available for you. Here you do have a great selection too. There are classic movies, documentaries, war, thriller, western, etc. even Korean dramas are also present here. All are available in HD quality. Advertisements here are short but due to this only you are able to browse your favorites for free.

Pluto TV

Here live streaming 75+ channels are available. It’s actually great. Gaming, news, comedy, music, etc are available here with a large number of selections. In the online mode, they provide us with Tv shows for no cost and you are able to find them very easily. You are able to sync it with most of your devices. There are fun channels on Pluto TV such as MST3K. Even this Pluto TV has its own movie channel too. Actually, this is a NETFLIX alternative that we can browse really for free.

The above sites are actually the best alternatives for Netflix. Hope you are glad to know about these sites. Actually, they consist of high-quality content. Some of them were free and some of them we actually needed to pay. So the only option to browse your favorites is not only Netflix. Now you have got a nice choice to pay less and watch more streaming websites.


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