With the pandemic situation, most of us did our workouts at our home, since we were unable to go to the GYM. With the period now most of us fully switched to doing workouts in our house. So today I’m going to tell you some tips that you should follow when doing your workouts in your home. The convenience of having your workout on tap is a double-edged sword. While being able to act in the blink of an eye, you’re also more likely to be distracted and give in to the many temptations around you. Getting up and going to the GYM increases the chances of a person being consistent.


Just don’t be a person who spends their valuable money on GYM equipment and lets them dust out, what you need to do is do some workouts. For this create a calendar and mark the workouts for that month. Now display it somewhere where it tends to get your attention and cross out when the workouts are completed.

Train early

We know when we are at home, we have some duties to fulfill. So it would be nice if you could get up early and do it. Before your family members wake up, so when they are in the bed make sure you do your workout. Otherwise, you have to do the duties on them and it’s hard to do this. So if you wake up early and do this you will not have any troubles.

Focus on nutrition

No matter how hard you do your workouts, unless you manage the consumption of your food items, it’s very very difficult to reach your goal. This goes similarly to putting muscles as well as in weight loss. When considering these you must have control and focus on lean protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates. If you do want to put on muscle you must eat 500 more calories than you lose in your workout daily, but also you must reduce 500 calories more than your workout in order to lose your weight.

A very, very effective way in order to reduce the intake of calories when we are trying to reduce some pounds from our body is to use a meal replacement to replace a meal daily.

Cleanliness is important

With the current pandemic situation in common, what we all follow these days is personal hygiene. I hope you know commercial GYMs are the places where tons of bacteria are present. Actually, the GYMs at our homes are not as bad as that, but it also needs regular cleaning because we must be safe. It’s a must if many others are going to share your GYM area with you.  

Since it gets unclean after each and every session what do I recommend is to make sure you clean your workout area after each session. Actually, this is wetting your paper towels with some kind of biodegradable agent and whipping all of your GYM equipment such as the barbells, upholstery, dumbbell handles, etc. Actually, biodegradable agents are very good to clean your equipment. It not only cleans but also is environmentally friendly.

This was just a clean but you need to clean it thoroughly too. At least twice a week you should give a thorough clean by vacuuming, air out mats and also it’s a must. You must also make sure the area gets some ventilation.

We must make it progressive too

When we examine people who are doing their workouts at home a common mistake that we detect is, it’s one of the key principles of workout success, that is progressive overload.

During workouts, we know we give some stress to our bodies. It responds by adapting in the form of increased aerobic capacity and stronger, slightly larger muscles. This way, when the stress of this exercise returns, the body is ready to face the challenge. Unless you keep making the exercises harder and harder, the body has no reason to react further. It will reach a level to deal with physical exertion and then stop.

The result of this lack of exercise progress is that you reach a plateau where your body stops responding. The solution to this is to keep making your workouts harder. There are three ways to do this:

  • Add resistance in the form of more weight
  • Reduce your rest time
  • Increase the number of reps, sets, and exercises you do

Whenever you approach a workout, you should know what you did last time and have a plan on how to push yourself a little harder this time. This means you should keep a workout journal to keep track of sets, reps, and weights.


A home GYM will set you up for a great fitness year in 2021. Use our five tricks to maximize usage so you can make this the year you can finally reach your physical goals.


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