Mr. White has predicted that the next AirPod which in name is AirPods Pro 2 will most likely come into the global market in two sizes. They have also suggested that these new AirPods will come with a W2 chip. This poses as a bit odd for many individuals in the technological field for several reasons. Let’s dive in and find out why that is.

airpods pro 2

First of all who is this ‘Mr. White’? 

Mr. White is an entity that has been active on twitter for a number of years till date, and they have been predicting and essentially leaking information on many things in the technological field. These predictions have been accurate sometimes more so than other times. This entity, Mr. White is one of few prominent ‘Apple device explorers’ as these people call themselves, and has occasionally shared an intriguing hardware scoop on an upcoming product.

Why is AirPods Pro 2 having a W2 chip perceived as odd by some individuals?

This is a very interesting question. The previous AirPods had a chip called an H1 chip which is more advanced than W2 chips. It should be noted that these chips are used in Bluetooth technology and the H1 chip that Apple has been using has been working very well without any problems or complaints whatsoever. So naturally one would ask why would Apple go back a step in developing a new device? That is a valid question and maybe this part of Mr. White’s prediction might be false? Only time will tell.

Some people have noted that in Mr. White’s leak: the components seem to have two colours namely black and silver. This could often mean nothing significant but some say that maybe we will be seeing an introduction of colours to the AirPods.

Now let’s talk about the sizes dilemma

There are two possibilities. One being Mr. White is simply wrong. After all these are just predictions based on a supposed leak and these are not confirmed information that we can take as is. Or the second possibility is that maybe they are right and Apple is working on two sizes for their next launch which is the AirPods Pro 2 launch of course. However, according to another source; integrating the AirPods Pro features, antennas, and microphones into the smaller casing has proven “challenging” during development, which could mean that Apple would resign to a less ambitious design when the product is finalized and ready for the global market.

This entry in turn means there’s a chance that that component of the supposed leak might be false as well and this would mean Apple won’t be reducing the size of the AirPods Pro 2 at all.

Will Apple lose the ‘stem’?

The ‘stem’ I’m referring to here is the stem of the current AirPods in the market. Some sources have claimed that Apple is testing on a new radical design which looks a lot like the Galaxy earbuds. If this is true then this might be perceived as a sort of downgrade for some people because as we all know, a crowd of people in the Apple consumer market will buy these AirPods just for the way they look. The white exterior and the white stem that goes down your ear has become synonymous with the Apple AirPods brand at this point. So getting rid of these two components of the design might cause failure in marketing and then in selling the product as this might not be as intriguing to the people who will buy Apple products just for the aesthetic. Same goes for the colour element of the design.

Apple developing a sporty version of AirPods?

Another source has leaked that Apple is working on a new design on AirPods Pro 2 known as AirPods X which they are trying to market towards the people who bought earbuds like powerbeats. As the market towards Beats as a brand is generally declining, this could be a good move on Apple’s part. This could aid in turning the tide and gaining more consumers from Beats. So then Mr. White’s leak about two different sizes could mean a lead to the above possibility of a sporty version of the AirPods. Anyways in conclusion it is very important to note that Mr. White’s claims, predictions or leaks however or whatever you want to call them are only accurate up to only a very small percentage.

At the end of the day these ‘leaks’ are baseless claims made by a faceless person on the internet. So it is important that we take these predictions with a grain of salt. However it is important to note that Mr. White’s predictions have been right only a mere 25% of the time. In other words their (Mr. White’s) rumour accuracy is only 25%. So it is plausible that all of the above predictions or leaks might just be false information. Only time will tell.


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