If you are also an iPhone user and interested in the amazing features of iOS introduced by the world known apple company, you will be surprised after hearing the latest update of iOS 14.5. Here are some information you will find very crucial about the new update with much enhanced technology introduced in iOS.

iOS 14.5


Latest update

Recently the apple company confirmed about a new update of iOS 14.5 , which is under the beta testing. This latest update will be a milestone for the iOS collection 14.5 ,as it mainly focuses on new big fixing methodologies as well as advanced security adjustments. Furthermore it was said that this update has the capability to serve the iOS 14.5 as the successor. However, the apple company has not yet announced a date and time  of releasing , thereby we have to wait and see how the company releases iOS to the users.

According to the 9 to 5 MAC developers , users have to go through settings in iPhone to enable the unlock using your apple watch or other features, after that, users have to search for face unlock id and passwords, to unlock with your apples watches. The reports say that face id masks have been identified as a result. If the apple watch and iPhone along with smart watch is near with you and the apple watch password has activated, that users will  receive a tactual feedback after the phone was unlocked.

Enhanced security

Without any doubt the technology used for the security enhancement in IOS will compel people to use iPhone more and more. With the covid pandemic, people started to wear masks and then users are unable to unlock the phones when wearing masks. As a remedy for this hapazous situation Apple has found a big functionality. For this you need to have an apple watch , and you can bypass your face id to unlock your iPhone. You have to keep these two devices so close to happen this and also you will have to unlock your apple watch for this to work accordingly. If not you have to unlock your iPhone manually by entering your password.

If you are also a iOS user , you will know the enhanced technology in iOS 14.5 AND watchOS 7.4, these carry amazing capabilities of unlocking iPhones with the apple watch. So this will be a second authentication method for unlocking your phone even if you are wearing a mask amid the Covid pandemic.] or any other situation, you don’t have to take off your mask .

Mainly , you have to enable the feature of “unlock with apple watch “ in your iPhone to experience the functionality of this system. And don’t forget that your phone must carry the 14.5 iOS along with an apple watch with 7.5 watchOS, if you do not have an apple watch or iPhone of the mentioned iOS you won’t experience this feature of security. So be sure to update your iPhone with a new iOS software update.

Release date and time

Officially the apple company has not yet announced a date and time of releasing the iOS 14.5, due to the actions they have to take to measure the transparency as well as the confidentiality to track the apps. Yet it was believed that at some point, the company will release iOS 14.5 ad iPod 14.5 in the spring season. However they have not confirmed a fixed date or time about it. For sure they will give a date and time before rolling out the latest update.

How to download iOS 14.5

You will get a notification informing that now you can download iOS 14.5 via messages, and  if you are willing to download it as an alternative, do follow,

  • First  – turn on your set value application
  • Second –   select the general
  • Third- click on software update

After undergoing this process , your iPhone will update the software and will connect to the server asking the permission to download and install the update. Then completing the procedure, reboot your device and will start accessing iOS 14.5  on your device. After that you can enjoy the enhanced facilities of iOS 14.5.

Feature expected from new update.

  • Updating in SIRI
  • Globally supported 5G dual sim
  • Even if you are wearing a mask you can unlock the device using apple watch
  • Supporter of console controller 
  • App tracking with transparency
  • 200 or more new emojis 

What is application tracking transparency? 

Since last summer apple authorities have been planning on working on this feature, and have added it to the latest iOS 14.5 update. The developers will ask you for permission to access your id ,from that they can track your information across sites. However some of these features are already in iOS 14 also.


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