Sydney, a city located at the edge of the world. Laden with beautiful sceneries and marvelous animals alike.  It is one of the best places to live in the world. Let’s explore why.


Sydney: High standard of living

People here say they work to live. That sounds like a lot at first. But when you consider the facts you will see that they live a life of flavor. It is the most popular city in Australia. It is also Australia’s most populous city. It also has a natural harbor. This is often considered one of the most beautiful ones in the world. There is also the iconic Sydney Opera House. You can visit it and see for yourself why it’s so popular. It has been a migrant attraction for so long. Because of this it is enriched with many cultures around the world. And with that comes refined food.

Sydney: Diversity

As mentioned in the above paragraph, Sydney has been a migrant attraction for decades. And with migrating people comes a part of their respective culture. This has created a well seasoned and colorful history. And thus has created a melting pot of cultures. From food to fashion, It is a cultural feast!

Sydney: Strong job market

Best rates of pay in Australia are present in Sydney. And unemployment figures are extremely low. That statement has been true for many years. But because of the pandemic, the whole world has taken a hit. And with that the economy globally has tanked. This of course will take a big toll on Sydney. But then again with some of the brightest minds at work, Sydney will survive. It is one of the few cities in Australia that offers best rates of pay and job opportunities. So moving here would be a great idea. You will surely make great progress in your career.

Livable housing

Sydney itself is like a suburban paradise if you will. Houses in Sydney are generally very spacious. The weather is nice and sunny as well. 

Great educational opportunities

Some of Australia’s best schools are in NSW and Sydney. Sydney Grammar School in Darlinghurst and Kambala in Rose Bay and Pymble Ladies College are famed schools in Sydney. The above are fee-paying schools. Sydney Girls High, Sydney Boys High, Fort Street High School and Baulkham Hills High School are among the top non-fee-paying schools. Australia is a richly diverse multicultural society. And they have a similarly rich education system. Furthermore there are many other educational opportunities in Sydney. Especially for emigrants. If you want to get a higher education, It is a good option. It doesn’t matter what your field is. You will definitely find a good school here. And for college students, it is easy to find a part time job.

Beaches and scenery

When we talk on the topic of scenery in Sydney, many things come to mind. 

Things to look forward to in Sydney?

The fabulous cost line comes to mind. As well as the marvelous foliage. And of course the breathtaking architecture. When talking about architecture it is essential to point out the Sydney Opera house. As it was built to show off.


While the beaches are fabulous, one must look out for sharks. Luckily Sydney has a solution for that as well. There are authorities in place to monitor if there are any sharks near the beaches. And if so, they will alert the people in danger and will get everyone to safety hopefully in time. If you happen to be too afraid to take a dip in the ocean, I have just the thing for you. There are hundreds of water-taxis and boats. These you can use to tread the waters. And you will feel safer from the sharks.

Low crime

Australia is ranked the 13th safest country to live in. And It was ranked the 5th safest city globally. That’s a huge deal. For loners and for young students safety is a must. History says that the first settlers arrived in Australia were convicts. And criminals. But they started to think about their reputation in the 60’s and the 70’s. And as a country they have risen above their tainted past. Now It is one of the best options you have regarding safety.

Friendly people

It is often regarded that people in big cities are unfriendly. While that might be true for some cities, It is different. It is a true melting pot. People from around the world have gathered here to start a better life. And generally everyone in Sydney understands that. And they are very friendly and respectful to others. It really is refreshing to be around such lovely people. So is adjusting to Sydney life hard? Not really. It’s sunny, it’s warm. Laden with good food from around the globe. And also, It is filled to the brim with friendly people. What’s not to love?


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