Upgrading characters in video games has become an important part of gaming. We all know you need to upgrade. You should update when the company’s software developers have enabled it. Otherwise, it becomes increasingly difficult to play. Sometimes the game will lag. Sometimes the characters won’t be able to do the tasks that you want them to do. And other times you will see a function or a feature in the game. But you will not be given access to the said function or feature. That is why you need to upgrade your character.

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All of the above is why you have to update. And many other factors have become the reason as well. Updating a character or characters has become essential nowadays.

Universal boosting techniques used in game:

Every video game is unique. And each of them has its own set of rules. But more often than not most of the video games out there have the following set of boosting techniques that are universal boosting techniques used in games.

  • Points scoring system
  • Collecting advantageous equipment
  • Stated use of definite skills

Points scoring system

This system only requires the players to simply follow the rules and regulations of the specific game they are playing and does not require any additional steps other than the previously stated.

This sounds simple enough but in practicality and depending on which game the gamer is playing, it could mean that you require a lot of willpower and skill in the game.

That is because in practicing this you must go on every quest available to you at each level and you need to get as many points as you possibly can so that the accumulation of these points can aid you in the game later.


With the accumulated points you can level up or you can spend them as a currency and buy an armor you need and so on. The possibilities differ from game to game.

Collecting advantageous equipment


This function refers to the practice where you use some kind of tool the game allows you to have at many points or levels in a specific game.

You may have collected or won an elixir or a skin of sorts. This enables your character to perform differently. And will enable your character to do more in the game.

Why has this function in game?

This trait is abundant in many online games as this will give the developers a way to earn more money. That is, by giving access to the equipment for a sum of money. Most of the time the amount you must pay to use these benefits aren’t that high. But of course, that will depend on the game as well.

Most India online games don’t require a large sum of money from the gamer to give access to this leveling up equipment as opposed to many high-end games, as they will ask for more money simply because of their popularity.

Should you use this function?

Statistically and as a matter of fact paying a large amount of money for equipment is an utter waste of money.

Many professional gamers who stream on Twitch, YouTube, and other platforms alike will buy this equipment. Because they can afford it and they must as gaming is their livelihood. 

But buying expensive skins, elixirs, and swords with special powers as a casual gamer is in my opinion is nonsensical. 

Then again gaming is for entertainment. And if you have enough money then, go nuts!

This leads us to our next subtopic. That is, how to upgrade your character in a game.

Stated use of definite skills

This third and final technology of upgrading your character

This is based on the practice of repeating a specific set of actions in a game. These are stated at each level. They will aid in upgrading your character to perform better.

To further explain the above function:

 Consider the real-life application of the said task.

Consider this: You will be a better runner if you practiced frequently. You will become a better baker by practicing and through trial and error. You will become a better speaker through doing more public speeches and by facing your fears. 

This same concept is applied in game as follows:

The technology of “stated use of definite skills”.

Your character will become a better fighter the more he gets into brawls and comes out alive. The character will become a better problem solver the more she goes on quests that require the skill of problem-solving. The better swordsman your character will become the more they practice. The concept is as simple as that. The above explanation is giving you insight into how to upgrade any character in a game in three fundamental ways.


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