Will there be any youngsters who haven’t heard about the PUBG Mobile Season 17 game? I guess there won’t be any, cause each and every young is either a player or a fan of PUBG Mobile. Recently PUBG Mobile gaming application (which stands for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds)  has been the most eminent and noted game in the mobile platform so far, compared to the rest of the mobile gaming applications.

If you are also one of the gamers or a fan in the PUBG audience, you may probably know, PUBG Mobile has already reached its super climax, being a smart as well as so much popular mobile application among many young people, enhancing its performance in every season, now has reached to season 17. The base of the PUBG Mobile application is mostly boys more than girls. Yet there are girls who are fond of playing  PUBG Mobile applications rather than boys.

PUBG Mobile Season 17

Here is the most stunning and hot news about PUBG Mobile to our young PUBG audience, PUBG Mobile Season 17 has already arrived on the platform on January 19th, after Season 16 was updated last November 17th. This will be the most adorable update for PUBG players because any player’s dream is to get updated themselves level by level upwards. However, Season 17 quite differs from other seasons technologically, it carries different skins like new parachute skins, different outfits, has helmet fashions, game mode backpacks(Raonic power) and other so many latest items. So you will undoubtedly enjoy the game as much as possible with a different interface rather than other seasons. The developers have put their maximum effort into enhancing the PUBG Mobile audience and they have succeeded in doing so. You won’t imagine how adorable it is !!!

Here are the most crucial things you should know about the latest PUBG Mobile Season 17 update. When you complete the PUBG Mobile season 16 and get updated to Season 17, your rankings will reset, moreover season-end prizes are also released along with the release of Season 17, on January 19. The PUBG authorities are looking towards higher- in-game ranks in this latest PUBG Mobile Season 17. Especially there will be two premium variants in the Royal pass or RP which is the main methodology for players to gain rewards. They are as follows,

  • Elite pass
  • Elite plus pass

The Elite pass will cost 600 UC while Elite plus pass will cost 1800 UC. However, there will be options on subscriptions for the passes. So there will be no worries. You can feel the utmost pleasure of the game without any doubt.

When was PUBG Season 17 released exactly?

After the end of PUBG Mobile Season 16’s royal password, players were not allowed to enter the Royale pass (RP) competition prize draw for 24 hours. Yet, the latest PUBG Mobile season 17 was told to be released above 19th January at around 2 a.m.

  1. 9.00 p.m. on 18th January   – EST
  2. 6:00 pm on 18th January     – PST
  3. 10:00 am on 19th January  – CST
  4. 7:30 am on 19th January  – IST
  5. 2:am on 19th January  – GMT

The royal pass (RP) price for PUBG Mobile Season 17 is 1800 UTC.

How are the skin types in PUBG Season 17?

At the beginning of every game season, the developers give out some new interfaces like outfits, weapon skins etc in the Royale Pass(RP). These rewards are offered at the very beginning of each season in PUBG Mobile Seasons.

  • M16A4 skin (Players can obtain this after playing and reaching five times in Diamond Tier)
  • Parachute skin (This is expected to be at level 10 or 20. Parachute skin carries a black and purple galaxy theme.)
  • AWM skin   (there are some extraordinary changes in this powerful bolt action rifle in this season)
  • Micro UZI skin (other than AWM they have added some rare technologies in this submachine gun)
  • Mythic angelic player skin

These are some rare and extraordinary skin types you find in PUBG Mobile Season 17 compared to the other seasons in PUBG Series.

So if you are a PUBG Mobile fan player, be sure to try this season out. It will be quite extraordinary with the latest renewals and you’ll find it so much entertaining and fun. I guess, playing the PUBG Mobile series is imperceptibly different from other mobile gaming applications because of these unique elements like skins, Raonic Powers etc. you won’t be able to find such amazing things in other gaming applications. Unless these amazing developer’s skills, creating such a worldwide PUBG audience is quite a dream. So there may be something in it that you won’t find in other gaming applications. Do try every season, get yourself updated season by season and enjoy yourself with PUBG Mobile Season 17.


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