The most populated city of New York is Manhattan. It mainly consists of the island of Manhattan. This is bounded by Hudson, East and Harlem. Manhattan is one of the most populated neighbourhoods in New York. This place is a popular destination for college students and young graduates looking for work. The reason is that there are two business districts in Manhattan and there are also very popular universities and colleges. This has led to many crowds of singles where people are renting a room in New York. There are several apartments and living spaces available for people to live in peace while staying close to their office or university. So I have bought the 10 best rooms for rent in Manhattan.

  1. Land area: 59.1 km²
  2.  Population: 1,632 million (2019) 
  3. Code of the area:  212 
  4.  The area was founded: 1624

Manhattan is an important city. This is the location where we find the New York Stock Exchange. With so much to offer, Manhattan is an extremely popular place for all of the United States and people outside the country. Is it possible to find a good room in a city like Manhattan, where the demand is constantly increasing? Well, finding an apartment to rent in Manhattan isn’t a big deal, as supply matches demand exactly. There are several streets and neighbourhoods where singles can live in peace and without complications. So let’s see what are the 10 best rooms for rent in Manhattan. 

Why look for apartments for rent online?

In today’s scenario, the traditional method of renting space is fraught with problems and complications. There are several downsides such as: for example, wandering around the city looking for rooms to rent, wandering the corridors, paying high brokerage fees and more. So where are you going? Well, the best place to look for rental accommodation these days is online. Different online platforms offer you the best rental options. You can easily log into these platforms and start looking for your next room to rent. When you search online, there are several benefits available:

  • No brokerage fees: The main advantage of using online platforms is that these platforms do not act as intermediaries and do not require you to do so. They can arrange a meeting directly with you and the landlord so you can live in your new home right away.
  • Flexible rental conditions: If you find accommodation for rent through online platforms, the rental conditions are not necessarily 11 months or one year. They provide accommodation rental for only three months. This can eliminate a lot of complications and give you more options, as no one is safe for long.
  • Furnished Rooms – If you go the traditional route, furnished rooms for rent are very rare and hard to find. However, online platforms can help you find what you want, including fully furnished living spaces in which to build your home rather than live in it in some way.
  • Find a roommate: Today, people don’t like living alone and are usually looking for a roommate to live with. However, this is not as easy. Finding the ideal roommate is a serious undertaking and there is no better place to look than online rental accommodation websites. They have a good network and can organize everything for you.
  • Services: When you find rental accommodation online, all you need to do is bring your belongings, as everything else is ready for you. Basic home furnishings are covered with online rentals. So you no need to worry.

The 10 best areas of Manhattan ideal for rental housing

Below are the top 10 neighbourhoods to consider rent in Manhattan:

  1. Upper West Side: The Upper West Side is arguably the most popular residential area in Manhattan.
  2. Upper East Side – Like the Upper West Side, the Upper East Side is a very popular and safe area to consider for rental properties.
  3. Lenox Hill: Lenox Hill has many apartments and buildings that many people rent. It’s easy to find an ideal option here.
  4. Washington Heights – This neighbourhood is minutes from Manhattan Midtown and offers many options.
  5. Battery Park City: This is a popular neighbourhood and considered the safest of all in New York. This place is ideal for families.
  6. Gramercy Park – do you love to spend a luxurious lifestyle? One of the best options for you is Gramercy Park.
  7.  Murray Hill:  a good choice for millennials is Murray Hill. It is another highly populated residential area.
  8. Tribeca: Located in Uptown, Tribeca is a popular residential area for families.
  9. Kip’s Bay: Kip’s Bay is another ideal space for rent for millennials and a prominent area in Midtown.
  10. Harlem: Harlem is another beautiful and very affordable residential area in Uptown Manhattan.

The neighbourhoods listed above may be on your list when you’re looking for a neighbourhood that’s right for you or your family. Hope the 10 best rooms for rent in Manhattan may be useful for you.



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