“How to plan a wedding “ is the very first question you think of once you decide to spend your life with your soulmate.it may be a great wedding or a simple wedding.  A perfect wedding is the ultimate result of perfect wedding planning. Here is the most mattered to-do list you need to make your wedding journey simple and manageable.


Wedding budget 

The first important thing about a wedding is the “budget”. That means how much you can afford for your dream day. First, you have to discuss it with your finances and decide the exact amount and you have to stick to it.

Set a wedding date

The moment you get engaged, everyone will ask you about the wedding date. You have to set a fixed date for your big day. This should be done after the other big decisions like; booking venue and budget discussions. Also, you have to think about the season you prefer for the wedding day.

List of priorities

Once you finish your budget discussions and date fixings, you have to think about the priorities on your big day. “What are the most important things to you?”, this includes the food and drinks, music, etc. The list of priorities is up to you…

Wedding theme and the venue

You have to think about the wedding theme before you choose the venue. The venue must be suitable for the wedding theme. It can be a candlelit evening in a mansion, one beachside party, or a modern, classic, romantic wedding etc. choose a venue convenient for all, suitable for your budget and your theme.

Wedding guest list

Once you start making your wedding list, you have to think about many things. Whether your place is capable of accumulating everyone in your wedding list. If not, you have to select another place or limit your guest list. Keep remembering the guest list, venue, budget and theme are altogether connected once you start to plan a wedding. Strict with these things always. More guests mean higher prices.

Take Wedding insurance 

It’s always good to be prepared for anything, although it is not romantic to think your big day will go wrong. Wedding insurance will be supportive for you very much, it could release your stress also. Buying wedding insurance will help you with peace of mind on spending money for both your wedding and honeymoon.

Make your marriage legal

Although it is not an exciting step in wedding planning, you have to get your marriage license. This is something you must do at the very first. You have to gather the needed marriage documents early on your wedding planning steps.

Wedding party

Another important part is choosing your wedding parties such as the bridesmaids, ushers, best man, flower girls and page boys. It is not much necessary to have flower girls and page boys. Take a bit of time and think carefully about it, who will be the best people to support you on your big day.

Wedding suppliers

This is a very crucial part of wedding planning. This step covers everything about photographs, caters, florists etc. sometimes your wedding venue may offer you a list of wedding suppliers, which could be easy for you. But make sure if you want them or not before you book and pay deposits. Or else, you have to buy wedding suppliers as you wish. Keep in mind, stick to your budget.

Wedding dresses.

Choosing your wedding dress will be the most exciting part of all. You have to think about the bride’s dress, bridesmaid’s dress, grooms wear when you buy wedding dresses. These dresses either can be expensive or affordable. It depends according to your voice as well as according to your budget. So think about those things very carefully, but be sure to be like a princess on your special day.

Order of the day.

At this point, the wedding day events are very important. On your day’s event list include things like at what time the ceremony will start, photo-taking time, suppliers arriving time, what time you will sit to have meals, at what time dancing events take place etc. this will help you to schedule up your day very appropriately. Don’t forget to give a copy to photographers, venues and other everyone who should know it.

Wedding invitations

You probably have told everyone about your wedding, but make it official by sending the wedding invitation, approximately three to six months in advance. You also have to include information like date, place, travel information for your guests so that they won’t be late or misled.

These are the main things you have to consider when planning a wedding. Apart from these things, there are minor things like music arrangements, wedding readings for the wedding ceremony, thank you gifts, wedding speeches etc. I’m sure you can take care of these minor things.

So enjoy your special big date along with your close ones and have a happy wedded life!!!


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