Konnichiwa !! Are you currently living in Japan and now you have to leave the country? Well, you have to undergo some unfamiliar procedures, rather than other countries when you leave Japan. But you don’t have to worry !! we’ll make it easier for you. If you are a resident in Japan, It’s very crucial that you have to cancel your contracts and let the authorities know that you are leaving the country.

Here are the most important things you have to follow,

Get rid of unwanted stuff

In Japan, throwing away furniture or large items is simply not allowed. They need to be collected under a fee. So you can either donate or sell your furniture under various sites like a Facebook marketplace, Sayonara sales, recycle shops etc. if you are in a dormitory or shared house you can share the things with the next tenant. You can get rid of thrash by calling the city’s garbage collection at any time. There are always newcomers in Japan who want to kit out their homes. So you don’t have to worry about your furniture.

Apartment contract cancellation 

It’s good to contact your landlord or house agency and let them about your departure date as soon as possible. You need to inform them at least one month in advance. Before you leave the apartment you have to clean it thoroughly and fix the damages.

Send your belongings

You may have accumulated a lot of cute and small stuff while living in Japan. You have to check your baggage allowances and pay for extra luggage if you have one. There are companies and post offices in Japan where you can get help. Check Japan Post for rules and regarding sizes and weights of luggage.

Cancel utility bills and services

If you are leaving Japan, you have to cancel all the utility bills like electricity, gas, water bills etc, and services like internet, cell phone contracts, TV license and other services you have applied for. You will charge about 10,000 yen as a cancellation fee. Be sure to pay before leaving the country and get the final bills to your hand.

Change your status (at Japan City Hall/ward office)

When you arrive in  Japan, first you have to register yourself as a citizen in the City Hall/ Ward office. When you are leaving the country, you have to let the officials and cancel your status in Japan. Make sure to fill a moving out form and bring your residence card(zairyu kado) and official seal (hankoku) along too. 

 Close your bank accounts 

You may have bank accounts or post office accounts in Japan. Before leaving the country, you must close your accounts. You should take your residence card, seal and bank book for account cancellations. You have to wait until the end of your stay because most of the utility payments are done by bank accounts.

Redirecting your mails

If you want to get your mails even after your departure, change your address to a friend still in Japan. You have to change your address notification at the post office(tenkyo todoke). If your changing address is in Japan, you can get emails for free for a year.

Health insurance card

The health insurance card should be returned back to its original place (employer/ school/ municipal office)


If you worked while living in Japan. You must pay your residence taxes at the City’s office or Ward’s office or contact the National Tax Agency. If you plan to apply for a pension refund, present a tax representative, who is trustworthy and resides in Japan while you are away.

Return your residence card

When you are at Japan airport, you have to handover your residence card. Your card will punch at that time and give it back.  If your visa is cancelled at the airport, you can’t use it anymore in future. Even if you came under a student visa and are still valid even after your departure, you have to apply for a new student visa. 


Pay attention to your visa also. If it is about to expire, take the necessary steps and make sure it is valid until the departure day. If not, you definitely have to apply for Temporary Visitor Status of Residence. Do not ever show a fake or invalid visa, or you might get banned from entering Japan for sure. It’s good if you can contact people who have moved out of Japan at least once. They have the correct idea and can advise you about the procedures too. 

If you have decided to leave the country, make sure to do the departure procedures correctly. Leaving without informing the ward office or cancelling contracts will definitely make it difficult for you to return to Japan in future. Growing withstanding bills is also not a good thing in Japan. Even though it is difficult in following these procedures, make sure to follow them accurately. Otherwise, you won’t be able to return back to Japan because Japanese rules are so strict. 

Enjoy your last days in Japan !! SAYONARA !!


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